Improvements at Lone Larch Storage

Published on 10/17/2016
Starting just after the snow melted this past spring ground work began to improve Lone Larch Storage vehicle access, security, and storage options. By June, a new motorized security gate was operational, electrical service and security lighting was being installed and two concrete slabs were being poured for additional storage.

Work continued throughout the summer on all the above projects and by August, outdoor security lighting was complete on all the 8'x10' personal storage units.  In September, one new storage building was completely functional for storing household items, vehicles, or campers and a new asphalt entry to the storage facility and the new storage buildings was completed on October 13th.  The second, and largest storage building  is nearly complete as of this post and we are hoping it will be totally completed by the end of October.  As a matter of fact, all units, except for one, in the large building are available for rent at this time. 

As stated earlier, the new large building consist of six (6) new individual units all capable of storing large boats, RVs, or campers.  Inside usable space for each large unit varies with the four (4) largest units measuring 13'5" wide by 34'5" depth.  The smaller units in the large building have the same usable space for depth but measure 11'5"in width.  There are two (2) of these units. 

Improvements on the Lone Larch facility will continue until the snow flies.  Improvements in security fencing and access are still on the docket for this fall as well as installing additional security lighting and parking bollards.

For those of you storing with us, thank you so much!  We love assisting you with your self-storage needs at Lone Larch.  If you know of anyone that is looking for storage, please send them our way!!  We would love to assist them with storage.

If you don't store at Lone Larch Storage but are considering it; please give a call (406) 215-1745 or email with any questions (  And, don't forget to check out our pricing on self-storage units.  We do offer self-storage term rental discounts and feel we are very competitively priced given the amenities we offer as a self-storage facility.

Take care, thanks for reading the blog, we wish you an enjoyable fall!