Spring Storage Available

Published on 3/23/2016
Hello, and welcome to the Lone Larch Storage Blog page.  

It is nice to see spring arriving and to start thinking about summer projects and adventures.  With that said, I wanted to let you know that we have storage units currently available and also currently have open air storage.  If you need to store any off-season gear, equipment, and/or household items, we would be happy to assist you with your storage needs.

The monthly rate are for 10'x11' secured storage units is $50.  We also have term discounts for six (6) month or twelve (12) month rentals.  Six-month term  rentals receive a 10% reduction from the monthly rate (1 month free storage!) and a twelve-month term rental receive a 15% reduction from the monthly rate.

If you don't need a storage unit and are just looking for a place to store equipment, vehicle, or boat outside; we have plenty of space available!  Monthly rates for open-air storage are $25 per month and term discounts as mentioned above apply.

To make payment as convenient as possible we do have electronic payment options and can either email you an electronic payment invoice or process your credit card payment on a scheduled basis.  We cover all commissions with these transactions.  

To assist in ensuring that payments aren't missed and that notification that a rental payment has been made, we send out auto-generated payment reminders and payment receipts on a scheduled basis via email and text messaging.  

Renters also have the opportunity to monitor and interact with their rental account(s) via this website at: www.lonelarchstorage.com

So, please consider us for your spring storage needs and if you need, we can set up your new storage account quickly and easily with e-signature forms. All we need to get started is your email address.

I guess that's it for the Spring 2016 blog posting.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call (406) 212-0588 or email (info@lonelarchstorage) at your convenience.  

Have a wonderful spring!

Ted Steiner,
Owner, Lone Larch Storage